Circles Review Jeff Collins.


A line from the 1979 hit single by Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet band best sums up Chris Brockbank’s new album, Circles.

‘Today's music ain't got the same soul, I like that old time rock 'n' roll...’

Like the title of the song, Old Time Rock ‘n’ Roll is what Chris Brockbank does best.

As if to illustrate this, his new CD kicks of with a song, which has a really 70’s Deep Purple feel to it. One O’Clock sees Chris capturing a bluesy, yet rock-based, retro feel with his vocals echoing the gentler side of Ian Gillan.

Track two, So Clear, continues the bluesy theme of the opener, but takes the tone down a notch or two.  Think Joe Bonamassa and you won’t be far off the mark.

In the album’s liner notes, Chris explains how he’s taken great care to reproduce the live sound of his band in the studio. “It’s all about the music,” he says. And this attitude comes blasting out of the speakers and straight at you! It sounds like a live performance, which gives the listener an air of excitement as the band plough through their ‘set’.

One of the highlight’s of the album is Street Life. The heavier rock riff suits Chris’ voice. It’s Sammy Hagar meets The Rolling Stones with its infectious guitar line, which pauses, every now and again, to allow the vocals free rein.

The title track, Circles, has an almost prog-rock style opening with organ, drums, bass and guitar in harmony. You can almost see the smiles on the faces of the band as they play!

The middle section of the album, though, sees the band take a slower, gentler hand with songs such as Teenage Fantasy, I Don’t Care, and the artfully crafted ballad Miss You.

But rather than fade away, the album ends in upbeat fashion. The catchy and hard rocking riffs to the last four songs of the album, Bridge Boogie, Lies, Secret and Rapid Fire, leaves the listener wanting more.

‘Keep On Rock ‘n’ Rolling...’ sings Chris on the track of the same name mid-way through the album. It’s a sentiment that sums up this CD. Honest and rockin’ to the core!


 Jeff Collins

Author of “Rock Legends at Rockfield”, contributor to Classic Rock Magazine UK and Station Manager and host of Sunshine FM UK