E Pentatonic Minor Scale.

Below you will see the full version of the E pentatonic minor scale, showing where each position should be played in E pentatonic minor. You can also see where all of the root notes are on the full diagram of E pentatonic minor.


* Note that the positions overlap, for instance position two is simply the top half of position one mated with the bottom half of position 3.

All of these positions fit together perfectly and will always be in the same order that they are here. That means that they must always be positioned together as they are and their relation to each other will never change. To play this pentatonic minor scale in any key other than E, you would have to slide the whole note diagram up or down the neck, moving all the positions together.

Now that you can see all of the positions and how they work together to form E pentatonic minor, I will show you the individual positions. You will notice that there are no marks on the notes in the position diagrams to show where the root note is as this is not important for the positions. We will find out why this is when we get to the lesson on transposing.

Position One

Position Two


Position Three


Position Four


Position Five



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